Icone de Análise de Perfil

Profile Analysis

Profile analysis is a valuable tool for identifying risks and taking steps to mitigate them, including implementing security measures, contingency plans, and hiring trustworthy individuals. This helps ensure the safety and efficiency of hiring processes and also reduces operational costs.

Icone de Reconhecimento Facial

Facial Recognition

Our FaceMatch product revolutionizes authentication. By combining high-precision facial recognition with efficiency, it offers exceptional security and ease of use. Ensuring identity has never been so quick and reliable.

Icone de Gerenciamento de Risco

Risk Management

We conduct supplier assessments based on criteria of safety, quality, and performance to ensure that cargoes are transported safely and efficiently. Additionally, it is important to verify that the vehicles used are in good condition and that the drivers are trained and qualified.

Icone de Monitoramento Logístico

Logitics Monitoring

The primary function of logistics monitoring is to track and trace the cargo in real time. This is accomplished through GSM/GPS tracking devices, which allow the cargo's position to be monitored throughout its journey. This enables logistics teams to identify potential issues or delays in transportation and take quick action to address them.

Icone de Aplicativo Rondonline Motorista

Rondonline Driver App

Our app allows users to send proofs, track routes, and use GPS locator to track cargo positions in real time, as well as view travel history and documentation—all in one place.

Icone de Notificações WhatsApp

Whatsapp Notifications

This service ensures that carriers, shippers, and drivers are always updated on the shipment status, from hiring to unloading. It allows them to see the progress of the shipment in real time and take immediate action in case of any issues.

Icone de Integração de Tecnologias

Trackers Integrations

We have an integrative platform that encompasses the main tracker technologies (satellite equipment) approved by the Insurer and over 200 locator technologies (GSM/GPS) for logistics monitoring.

Rondonline Driver App for a Smooth and Hassle-Free Journey.

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Who We Are?

About Us

Founded in 2004 in Rondonópolis-MT and now headquartered in Cuiabá-MT with several outposts across Brazil, we specialize in risk management operations and logistics monitoring tailored to the agribusiness sector.

Our expertise includes handling shipments of cotton, seeds, agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, soybean meal, fuels, and refrigerated goods

Our distinctive approach lies in our dynamic working method and our proprietary logistics control and management system, Rondonline, which enables us to design risk and logistics operations customized to each client.


Reduce the incident rate and enhance the logistical processes of our clients.


To be a benchmark in providing technologies and processes for logistics and risk control in the agribusiness cargo transport sector.


Constantly uphold the quality of our services and the quality of life of our employees.

Maintain healthy relationships through business conduct rooted in dialogue, ethics, and transparency.

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We are seeking new talents to join our team and further enhance the success of our company. If you are motivated, passionate about challenges, and looking for professional growth opportunities, come be part of our team!

We eagerly await the arrival of committed and enthusiastic candidates ready to contribute to our ongoing growth and success.

To apply, please send your resume to [email protected]

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